Dieting Deliciously, E-book

Crave-Killing Recipes For The Healthy Foodie

Volume 1

From Sweet Potato Waffles and Yogurt Cups to Cauliflower Pizza and Roasted Protein Chickpeas, Dieting Deliciously Volume 1 features 25 mouth-watering recipes designed to bring flavor into your individual and unique diet. Enjoy these easy-to-follow recipes and most of all, enjoy eating guilt free!

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Low Sodium, Low Fat and Low in Calories Quiche

The Creation of Dieting Deliciously

The creation of Dieting Deliciously was due to Marie's passion for two things that meant most to her; cooking and being fit.

Simple and detailed recipes
vivid step-by-step images!


Marie just loves to cook. I never saw anyone so great in the kitchen and without a recipe book, or even a measuring jug and weigh scales. She does it intuitively and the results are breathtaking. I ate everything she produced for this cookbook and I did not gain an ounce. I loved it all, every recipe and every morsel. The fruit bars beat hands down any protein bar on the market for flavor and appearance. I begged her to make more, then more

David Bradley

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