I’ve been lucky, I just didn’t realize it

Have you ever caught yourself rooting for someone and giving them the most empowering, motivating talk, and then you pause for a second; and think why can’t I be that strong for myself? What happened? Where did I go? You realize that you never had to consistently pep talk yourself because you always had a solid environment who truly supported you. I think it’s something I had to re evaluate and teach myself to be around people who share similar interests as I do and have the same passion in the field that I love.

I believed that I’ve always been a social butterfly and at the same time I have a habit of holding so much in for myself; until recently. It’s incredible how your mentality can change when you allow yourself to open up to others; especially those who share similar goals, obstacles and even failures. Through those talks, laughs, and cries you eventually find yourself supporting each other into a warmer place.

I don’t know this was a thought I had today after a few conversations with some close friends of mine ( especially my crazy friend Sasha). I guess, my point is it’s okay to let people in who’ve been knocking forever to be there for you and support your damn passion! Laugh a little more until you can’t breathe, tell stupid jokes because those people actually get you! Lastly, be yourself and don’t let life slip away with mediocre issues that you just should not try to control.

My friend, who’s a freaking yoga guru by the way, ( like he goes to Asia for weeks with no care for a phone , as well as my friend Evan) taught me that shift happens in the universe and when you accept that you’ll understand the true meaning of ” shit happens”! Other than self-will, and choices you make you cannot control everything! You can sure hell make the best of the ride to truly be free…. I was like whatchu talkin’ about Willis?? lol… Anyways, Until next time.
Love yourself, be kind to each other , always! You never know the struggles a person might be dealing with. The universe always will return the favor – somehow, someday.